You Might be Wasting Money on Your Hotel’s Website if you are Making These 5 Mistakes

You Might be Wasting Money on Your Hotel’s Website if you are Making These 5 Mistakes

Having a website for your hotel is a great marketing strategy. But as you set up your website, you must make sure everything is done in a professional way. Otherwise, it may end up costing you money without bringing you the results that you desire. Guests should use your hotel website to find you and make reservations. However, it is possible to have visitors to your website without driving them to direct bookings. It is paramount to provide user experience able to convert them into real customers. Here are five common mistakes to avoid with your hotel website to increase conversion rate. 


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1. Avoid Overwhelming Guests with Too Much Content 

If you want people to read your content, it will be important to avoid loading it with too many words. Instead of using too many words that do not add value to your website, you can use logos, images, or maps appropriately to make reading your content easy. When you bore the reader with too many words, they will not even consider booking your hotel. You need to use points that will convey the message you are passing to your readers without using too many words. Also, make sure you are using attractive words that will make reading interesting. 

2. Avoid Websites that are not Mobile-Friendly 

It is possible to develop your website without thinking about those who want to access it through their mobile phones. Many travelers want to use their Smartphones to check out different hotel websites as they move from one place to another. They can also book their rooms using their phones if the website is mobile-friendly. Failing to make your website user friendly can make you lose a considerable percentage of your would-be clients. 

Remember you are surrounded by competitors who will try everything possible to woe the same clients. Therefore, you should avoid anything that will look like it is limiting or scaring your customers away. 

3. Avoid Booking Process that is too complicated 

Ensure your booking process is user friendly to make it easy for the visitors to book the rooms. If you use a very complex process, you will scare the visitors off, lowering your conversion rate. Your online hotel booking should be as simple as possible. Make everything short so that it will be easy for the visitors to book immediately they think your hotel is what they want. Ensure you avoid any information that may sound irrelevant to the booking process as that will bore the visitors. If you want to have a high conversion rate, use booking information that is simple and clear to understand. 

4. Do Not Underestimate the Important of Leading Image 

If you want your website to be attractive, you should consider having a beautiful and unobstructed image. It should also be very, very attractive to make the users curious. When you create that curiosity in the user’s mind, you are making them want to find out more about your hotel. The kind of image you put on your page will determine how many will book your hotel.  

As important as it is, many hotel owners still do not know the importance of having a lead image, and they ignore their homepage lead image. But the image is like the shop display, and it matters what they put on the home page and how they put it. If you want to attract your users, at first sight, make sure you put a beautiful and self-explanatory lead image. 

5. Avoid Focusing Too Much on SEO 

It is a mistake to focus so much on SEO and forget that your website is supposed to be human-friendly. Many people run after obtaining a high ranking for their websites and fail to make them user friendly. The first thing you should do when developing a website is to make sure it is user friendly. That means you should begin by having a website content to offer the right information to people who want to learn more about your hotel. 

By stuffing keywords in your sentences, trying to optimize your website is not good for you. Doing that for search engines may result in you being penalized by the same search engine. Therefore, before you concentrate on optimizing your website, make sure that you have good content. It should also be user friendly and should give essential information to the readers. It will work better for you than trying to optimize your website for the sake of it. 

You may choose to manage your website or have a developer to manage it. Whichever is the case, the most important thing is to make sure that you have the right information. Inform the readers and use visually attractive Images. It is not everyone who will use your website has experience in using and browsing the internet. It is therefore important to help the visitors to decide to stay longer. It is a good thing to use widgets that will encourage visitors to book the hotel. That is by including special offers to attract readers. 

If there is anything that you should avoid is making web conversion mistakes that will affect your website. Whereas it is a powerful tool to encourage visitors to book your hotel, making mistakes is detrimental. It is good not to make the situation worse by making mistakes, thus it will help to take time and pay some little money for a seasoned website developer. It will work better for you than chasing visitors away with a website that is full of mistakes. Schedule a free consultation with us to avoid wasting money on your hotel’s website. 

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